2014年6月2日 星期一

蕭 勤 Hsiao Chin.永恆能量 Eternal Energy

【蕭 勤.永恆能量】

Part 1 展期.壹玖玖零年前作品

Part 2 展期.壹玖玖零年後作品

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 一直以來,我都深信著「生命,雖然都會以結束的方式而離開此世,但;卻會以不同的方式轉換出現,因此;生命的本質也一直在不斷地轉換」。在我畫作中常出現的主題--「度大限」「永恆的花園」,就是在永不絕望的生命思考中延伸而來。 畫幅上鮮豔飽合、流動的線條就像似源源不絕的長河,在畫布上綿延不息,更似永不絕望般的,擁有一股強大上昇的帶動能量。「光明的彼岸」、「大能量」系列,則帶著宇宙陰陽之對應,予人產生一股重生的力量與勇氣。





這,也是至今,我仍努力不懈 將自身的體悟、和永不絕望的救贖精神,以笨拙的筆,和很原始的色彩,創作出一幅幅的畫作,表達人生中『永恆能量』的理念。

Eternal Energy——Hsiao Chin

As indicated in my speech at the “Formless Form” Taiwanese Abstract Art Joint Exhibition held at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 2013, “Taiwanese abstract art has been inspiring and influencing the development of Chinese abstract art.”

It has long been my deep conviction that life, subsequent to its physical end, may reappear in different forms, hence the constant change of the essence of life. While I’m musing on how life may hopefully stretch beyond its physical end, this conviction has featured prominently in my creations, such as the Great Threshold series and the Eternal Garden series, in which the curved lines in bright and saturated color on the canvases are flowing rivers as a symbol of dynamic energy that never ceases to grow and ascend, or the Illumination on the Other Shore series and the Great ALL series, in which the binary yin-yang forces in the universe generate strength and courage for rebirth.

In the Cosmic Love Heart series, created over the last decade, humans’ relationships with nature and energy as well as life itself assume great prominence. Yet, ‘emotions’ are implicitly expressed in the images. The relationships among humans or between humans and the universe feature “great love” permeating the boundless “common good”. The paintings, in which layer effects are achieved by adding symbols of the infinity “∞” and two universes to a plain heart-shaped image, convey the inclusiveness and infinite energy of love, which shall enlighten us that we may seek the equivalent and transformation of eternal energy from the completeness and incompleteness of life.

Indeed, as far as I am concerned, each stage of life involves “transmigration”– departing from one place to arrive at another, and this transmigration occurs within a large circle beyond temporality and corporality.      

Whatever theme is developed in my paintings, the presented images are all positioned in a spiritual space beyond limits of time and material. The human spirit shall remain while the flesh perishes. Therefore, in spite of being created in a two-dimensional space, the paintings are the very epitome of what I have dreamt of - a space without space, through which I wish to transcend the limits of space and demonstrate a certain kind of energy.

The message that I strongly wish to convey through painting may be summarized as the following:
The general public shall, within the limited space, strive to seek spiritual growth,
explore the possibility of gaining infinite spiritual energy, and learn and understand the profundity of life in a world beyond temporality and corporality.
This is also why I have been working relentlessly to embody my enlightenment and optimistic spiritual redemption with simple strokes and primitive colors in paintings as a manifestation of my philosophy of “eternal energy” of life.




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