2018年3月25日 星期日

蕭勤 Hsiao Chin.精神能量 Spiritual Energy

蕭勤 Hsiao Chin.精神能量 Spiritual Energy
茶會 4.28(六) PM4:30

精神能量-自序     蕭勤







蕭勤    2018.3月為精神能量展覽而作

  藝術家 ARTIST  


Spiritual Energy     Hsiao Chin

"My creation has always been rooted in the ‘tradition of artistic and philosophical thoughts, thus pursuing the realm of  'unity of universe and human'; although most of it originated in the Taoist ideology, the methods used may vary, but the principle is the same."
To interpret my personal art, please let me introduce my own creative connotation in this way: "Taking the wisdom of Chinese culture as the foundation and quote the way of gradual and self-inspection expressions of Western culture, then walking toward the infinity, also continue to explore the eternal feeling of innocence and let my artistic career continues growing". 

In 1989, I organized an art group with Italian artists and Danish artists in Copenhagen, Denmark to launch the "International SHAKTI" (Chi) movement. SHAKTI is the meaning of "Spiritual Energy." We held several exhibitions, the reason why I use "Spiritual Energy" as the theme of the exhibition is:      
This long-held belief in my heart has guided my artistic creation. At the same time, I also convey the message and process of spiritual growth through my works, to enhance the spiritual dimension of the masses, and guide the true meaning of life. The great energy of the universe is the most important and endless inspiration in my creation. Although my creative thinking originated in Lao Zhuang, through the baptism of Tibetan Mandala murals and based on the fusion concepts of Buddhism and Zen. This is the most indispensable part of my creative connotation.
Whenever I am creating, at the beginning I don't know where to go, but on the other hand, I only wanted to reach "absolute". The title of the painting will appear when everything is done, that is why I needed to think in order to find out the origin of each piece.

As an art creator, I began by capturing "one", and turning it mature into "everything", to explore how to combine and transcend spiritual and material integrity.
Art is not a problem, but life is "a great question." As for me, I just accomplish the mission of my life through artistic creation.

Hsiao Chin Written for the “Spiritual Energy” Exhibition in March, 2018




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